Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gnocchi with Angry sauce

This dying blog is getting a new guest blogger, to infuse some much needed life. Dear sis Nibbles is making her first appearance. She made some lip-smacking Arrabbiata sauce or (Angry sauce)  to go with some gnocchi she picked up at Trader Joes. She followed this recipe from BBC Food.

In her own words:
Delicious! The sauce is very tasty and overpowers the starchiness of the gnocchi. 

I often have Arrabbiata with my pasta while having Italian food at restaurants. Its fiery nature makes it preferable over some other bland tomato sauces (to my palate). I've seen it peppered with crushed red chili flakes, but I confess this is the first recipe I've seen that uses green chilis. I'm intrigued and plan on trying this myself the next time I set about making a tomato sauce for my pasta.